Reel Equality Film Club Monthly screenings in Nottingham City for people who love films and hate sexism

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The film industry grossly underrepresents women by creating too many movies that focus on men and side-line women from the plot. When female characters are present, too often they are written as limiting, 2-D stereotypes. This imbalance has a real-world impact. Stifling women’s stories reinforces damaging beliefs about the lesser value of women. Constant gender stereotyping limits society’s opinions about what women’s “proper” roles should be. It also damages women’s self-esteem and aspirations. Sexist media portrayal contributes to real-world violent discrimination against women.

Reel Equality Film Club exists to raise awareness of this problem, generate demand for change, and provide a fun and positive alternative.

Each month Reel Equality shows a film in Nottingham about a woman whose characters are interesting, complex, and defy gender stereotypes. We tell the stories of women of different ages, races, sexualities, abilities and identities. Our screening events often include expert talks and discussions, and always include cake of some description.

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