Wadjda + festive meal at Crocus Cafe

Starts Tuesday 15/12/2015 18:00
Ends Tuesday 20/10/2015 21:00

Ten-year-old Wadjda wants to buy a beautiful green bicycle but her mother forbids it, afraid of repercussions in a closed society. The spirited Wadjda sets out to raise the money herself. Clearly underpinned by its representation of a society which is very restrictive for women, this charming film offers a positive view of one girl’s determination to be different. As one of the first films to come out of Saudi Arabia and the first to be directed by a woman, Wadjda is as important as it is enjoyable and should be treasured the world over.

At Savoy Cinema, Lenton, NG7 1QN. Nottingham Followed by a festive Film Club meal at Lenton's local Crocus Cafe with a women in film quiz - offering great prizes!

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