The Time Is Now is a season of film exploring and celebrating the role women play in affecting change. Films will screen in venues around the country from October 2015 with the launch of the Suffragette movie through to January 2016.

We believe that film is a very effective way of understanding challenging subject matters and after watching a film we're often left wanting to know more and engage with others that have shared that experience. Through exploring the content on here and by becoming a contributor we hope you'll be able to do both.

Content is associated with one of four themes that encompass the season of film and equality, these are: Education, Politics & Law, Protest, and Sport

We've taken big steps forward in creating a more equal society, but there's always more work to be done. We hope that by sharing more about the subject - its challenges and developments, we can all take a step closer to a more equal world.

We hope you enjoy the season of film, get involved and perhaps even contribute to the content that you see here.

The TTIN Team