Supreme Price A film all human rights activists should see

Duration: 75 mins
Released: 2014
Director: Joanna Lipper
Country of origin: USA | Nigeria
Classification: unclassified

This vital and remarkable story traces the evolution of the Pro-Democracy Movement in Nigeria and the determination to increase the participation of women in leadership. Following the annulment of her father's victory in Nigeria's Presidential Election and her mother's assassination by agents of the military dictatorship, Hafsat Abiola faces the challenge of transforming a corrupt culture of governance into a democracy capable of serving Nigeria's most marginalized population: women.

The Supreme Price is one of ten films all human rights activists should see. - Huffington Post
It is a deeply profound and beautiful experience, and an integral film to watch. - Indiewire
The Supreme Price presents rarely-seen footage…a well-researched documentary that provides historical context to the continuing problems (including mass rape) in this troubled African nation, this is recommended. - Video Librarian
African Cinema: Top Five Political Films - The Supreme Price...combines daring reporting with behind the scenes access and dramatic archive footage through some of the country’s most unstable periods. A fascinating history lesson of a nation still struggling to emerge from military rule. - The Guardian
Ms. Lipper has used previously unseen archive footage to great effect... it is surely a good thing that a film like this now exists, touching on the issues the kidnappings brought to life and showing how important women are to a country like Nigeria and why it is in everyone’s interest to listen to them. - The Economist
'The Supreme Price' is a Door to Africa's Recent History. - The New York Times
Joanna Lipper’s film looks at the pro-democracy movement in the corrupt African "The Supreme Price may sound like a metaphorical title, but after seeing this strong, forthright documentary, you'll understand it's the literal truth. - Los Angeles Times
Joanna Lipper is one of the “…finest and noblest documentary filmmakers this year…she certainly succeeds with this one, catching a crucial moment in that explosive country where 200 girls have been lost, at best. - Huffington Post
In Joanna Lipper's 'The Supreme Price' the story it tells is the camera follows the resilient Hafsat in her effort to educate and mobilize the women of Nigeria, Lipper deftly fills in the historical context. - Village Voice

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