Carry Greenham Home Pioneers of direct action and peaceful resistance

Film classification: 15
Duration: 69 mins
Released: 1983
Director: Beeban Kidron, Amanda Richardson
Country of origin: UK
Classification: 15

Hand in hand, the line extends all around the nine-mile fence. Thirty-thousand women chant - bring the message home. Velvet fist in iron glove - Carry Greenham home. Greenham Common Women's Peace Camp formed in 1981 to protest the Government’s decision to allow cruise missiles to be based in Berkshire. In April 1983, tens of thousands of women came together to form a 14-mile human chain from Greenham to Aldermaston nuclear power station and the ordnance (munitions) factory at Burghfield.

"The film gives a fuller picture of what life was like than the fragmented news reports. It covers the processes underlying the women's decisions, the influence of outside forces, and the verve and style with which they developed their own brand of non-violent direct action." Charlotte Cooper 

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