The Bechdel Test Fest Screenings, talks and events at various locations around London.

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The Bechdel Test Fest is an ongoing celebration of films that pass The Bechdel Test. In order for a film to pass the test, it must have two named women, that have a conversation with each other about something other than a man. It's a very low bar measure that a too many films fail to pass and the annual pass rate is not getting any better. The Test was inspired by famed US illustrator Alison Bechdel's comic 'The Rule' which she penned 30 years ago and reveals two women discussing what to go and see at the cinema.

We aim to explore representation in film as a whole and discuss depictions of age, race, gender and sexuality. All our screenings are followed up with open, lively debate with cast, crew or insightful commentators. In a time of so much negativity surrounding female progression in film, we endure to hail the positive things going on with our weekly and monthly celebrations of amazing female personalities on our Facebook page and blog.

The Bechdel Test helps raise the issue of how few films include women as more than just a supporting role to a male character. It’s a simple, and albeit imperfect test, but as Alison Bechdel herself says ‘it’s a bit of fun’. It is not an accurate measure to how ‘good’ a film is nor is it a fail-safe way to brand a film ‘feminist’, but it has still become an poignant measure of representation in cinema.

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