Suffragette Screening & VIP Q&A panel panel includes Natalie Press, Faye Ward & Helen Pankhurst

Starts Friday 23/10/2015 18:30
Ends Wednesday 07/10/2015 21:00
Suffragette movie

Bechdel Test Fest are proud to host a special screening of Suffragette with Q&A discussion 'Votes For Women'. Women make up around 50% of the population and over 50% of the cinema-going audience. How do we get 50% of our stories told and why has it taken so long for the story of Suffragette to be depicted on the big screen? As well as celebrating the film with those who helped make it happen, we look at the ways your cinema ticket is a 'vote' for more women on screen.

Panellists: Natalie Press (plays Emily Wilding Davison in Suffragette), Faye Ward (Suffragette Producer), Helen Pankhurst (Suffragette Emmeline Pankhurst's great-granddaughter), Sophie Mayer - film journalist (Sight & Sound and The F-Word), member of film collective Club des Femmes and lecturer in film at LCC and Queen Mary University. Hosted by Corrina Antrobus - director of Bechdel Test Fest.

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