Mustang The Forum Cinema, Hexham

Starts Saturday 18/06/2016 17:00
Ends Wednesday 01/06/2016 19:00

Mustang will screen at The Forum Cinema in Hexham on Saturday 18 June

The Forum Cinema is an established independent, commercial cinema and hub for film in Hexham and the Tyne Valley. This small, but perfectly formed venue delivers authentic, inclusive cinema for everyone, offering engaging and entertaining films week in week out. 

Mustang will screen at The Forum Cinema as part of Wide Skies Film Festival, a brand new, multi- venue, community–programmed film festival for the Tyne Valleys – for everyone who loves film.

Wide Skies Film Festival has developed as a partnership between Hexham’s community owned Forum Cinema, Queen's Hall Arts Centre, which has longstanding experience of delivering arts to a large part of rural Northumberland. 

Mustang, (15)

It’s the beginning of the summer. In a village in the north of Turkey, Lale and her four sisters come home from school, innocently playing with boys. The supposed debauchery of their games causes a scandal with unintended consequences. The family home slowly turns into a prison, classes on housework and cooking replace school, and marriages begin to be arranged. The five sisters, driven by the same desire for freedom, fight back against the limits imposed on them.

Full of life even as it depicts lives in lockdown, Mustang is a stunning debut feature by Deniz Gamze Ergüven about five sisters in rural Turkey. (New York Times)


This screening is presented in partnership with Northumberland Domestic Abuse Services (NDAS). NDAS runs services for anyone who is being or has been affected by domestic violence/abuse. Domestic violence/abuse is not just about physical abuse from a partner. Domestic abuse is about someone in your family or household using their power to keep you under their control. They might do this by controlling your money, constantly checking up on you to see where you are, or deciding who you can or can't see. Sometimes there is physical violence, but violence and abuse come in many forms, not just physical. Domestic abuse happens to women, men, straight, lesbian, gay, bisexual and trans people. NDAS is here to support ALL survivors of domestic violence/abuse.

Our Domestic Abuse Practitioners cover the whole county, and we also have specialists who can support you if you are under 25, are experiencing stalking and harassment and for men and boys (16+). We are developing a service for children and young people, but are currently unable to accept referrals for people under 16.

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