Girl Gang Sheffield Award winning collective of female artists and do-ers promoting creativity, confidence and positivity amongst women in Sheffield

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Girl Gang Sheffield

Girl Gang Sheffield is an award winning collective of female artists and do-ers who put on immersive screenings, parties, skill sharing sessions and socials promoting creativity, confidence and positivity amongst women in Sheffield.

Created in response to a lack of network events and support for women in the city, Girl Gang Sheffield is a series of events curated by Handmade Cinema, The Creeps Store and Pull Your Finger Out. With the aim of bringing together women, be they artists, musicians, designers, creatives, or anything in between, our events encourage collaboration and conversation, highlighting the talent that exists already within our city. We believe that all women should have a gang of strong, supportive women behind them and Girl Gang Sheffield aims to provide that community!

Our inaugural event, an immersive screening of Mean Girls, brought to life our vision, with workshops, interactive performances, and a female fronted afterparty, accompanying our nineties prom setting. This sold out event was recently nominated and awarded Best Single Event in the National Cinema For All, Film Society of the Year Awards 2015.

This November, Girl Gang Sheffield will return, transforming Theatre Delicatessen at the Moor for a special screening of The Craft. The event will also feature live performances, workshops, stalls all run by female entrepreneurs and an art installation, supported by The Time Is Now, which see’s a collaboration of 22 female artists in Sheffield who have collectively reimagined a deck of tarot cards.

You can find more information about our current screenings, parties and events here:

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