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The Time is Now is a movement in support of women's rights and fights in film. 

The Time is Now is a community of agitators, collaborators and creators - responding to a multitude of issues facing women around the world today and celebrating the change that women through the ages have forced... all of which we do through film: screening films, debating films, seeking out new or unknown films. It all started in 2015, when we brought together women and girls from around the country to share their own experiences informed by a season of film, anchored around the incredible drama, Suffragette directed by Sarah Gavron.

Now, we welcome brand new contributors to TTIN.uk in support of Mustang - a Turkish foreign language film following the challenges five orphaned sisters face growing up in a conservative society, navigating adolescence and forming their own identity in a world that wants to restrict and constrict them. The film is released in UK cinemas from 13 May 2016 and we compel you to see this beautifully shot, sweet and sorrowful film as soon as you can. 

TTIN.uk is a platform for you to share your life experiences and opinions around curated themes, we'll also include details of a range of films screening around the country and any activities taking place in cinemas near you. We hope that you share your opinions, your creativity and your passions here and then maybe see one of our recommended movies - perhaps even coming back to the site to review it or respond to other people's reviews and opinions.

We believe that film has an incredibly important role to play in exploring, explaining and representing all sorts of experiences, communities and stories. The films we recommend here deserve to be seen, to be talked about and to be considered. We hope you agree!

So, go forth and use TTIN.uk to express yourself through words, art, film or photography...whatever floats your boat. We'll try to share all of your contributions on our social channels, so look us up on Instagram, Twitter and Facebook. Remember to use the hashtag #TTIN16 wherever you share your work.

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