Sonita QUAD, Derby

Starts Friday 28/10/2016 12:00
Ends Thursday 03/11/2016 23:00

Sonita is a normal teenage girl with heaps of attitude. She idolises Rhianna, covers her walls in Justin Bieber posters, gossips with the other girls and fights with her older brother. She dreams of being a famous rapper one day.

But as an Afghan refugee living in Iran, Sonita’s dreams are dangerous: the Iranian government doesn’t allow girls to sing and at home she is expected to become a teenage bride. She has no ID papers, no money and no formal education. With the help of filmmaker Rokhsareh Ghaem Maghami, Sonita is offered a chance to turn her dream into a reality, but a perilous journey lies ahead.

Sonita shines a light into the homes and lives of Afghan and Iranian individuals, too often seen as just numbers in a news report. With attitude, determination and sass in spades, Sonita’s story is a heart-warming and inspirational crowd-pleaser.

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