Introducing RARA AVIS a new zine dealing with equality in film

The Time Is Now has been all about celebrating women who create the change they want to see. As illustrated in TTIN’s programme, women, like other marginalised groups, have often had to use methods outside mainstream media—such as protest, art and civil disobedience—to achieve steps toward equality. Zine culture has been an important way for marginalised groups to give voice to their concerns, aesthetics and interests, so it was only natural for TTIN to bring zine production directly to our audience through workshops with Cherry & Ione.

We are thrilled, therefore, to see a new zine come out of the season. Inspired by the TTIN screenings and events at Queen’s Film Theatre in Belfast, Queen’s University students created a visually striking zine, RARA AVIS, that discusses serious issues about the presence of women in film—both how they are represented on screen and how they survive the industry. Published in partnership with TTIN, but crafted entirely independently, the first issue of RARA AVIS draws light upon the industry and critiques the TTIN films (and others) with nuance and acuity.

Take some time out to read it online. More issues forthcoming! And more zine workshops in January in Lancaster and London.

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